LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group

Ileana Ghergina


Ileana Gherghina is a director, actor, performer and poet currently based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Gherghina trained as a theatre actor and director (in Romania and the UK) but have drifted towards performance art and live art in the past seven years. She has founded a company that produces theatrical work with strong performance art, video, and visual art influence (Nu Nu Theatre). She is also part of LAPER (Live Art and Performance Group) Oxford. She also works with photography, collage, poetry, video, and dramatic texts. She has presented my pieces in the UK (where I live and work) and across Europe (Helsinki, Gothenburg, Yerevan). Some of her most recent commissions have been for the University of Bristol (the video project Bread of Bristol), video/performance work for the International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF 2020 (Serbia), Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival (Japan) and Performance K√łkkenet (Norway), The Gallery Art Factory Flox Kirschau, Germany, Simultan Art Festival Timisoara (Romania), HighFest International Performing Arts Festival (official selection) Yerevan, Armenia, Modern Art Oxford, Squash and Stretch book launch.


Untitled (2023)

Hundred Evenings of Loneliness (2022)

Ending the Void (2022)