LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group

Jennifer Ng


In Jennifer Ng's practice, she aims to create a space where visuality and materiality are inextricably interwoven, where markings and imprints function as visceral invitation into otherwise inaccessible complexities.

Ng received her first formal art education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where she was trained in the mediums of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and seal-carving. She has not turned back since. ​

Over the years, she adopted a interdisciplinary, process-centric approach, working with other mediums. She believes in the narrative potentiality of materials, and that every material speaks in ways that others cannot. In her works, she uses diverse materials to articulate conditions of formation , regeneration, disintegration, and loss. She seeks to explore the diversity and complexities of the cultural and natural phenomena around us, with the hope of transforming them into new understandings. ​

She has exhibited and presented her art works and research works internationally in physical venues and online platforms, which include museums, galleries, art centres and universities in Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.