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Krystyna&Sabina Collective



Krystyna&Sabina —a performative collective founded in 2021 by Kasia Kuzka and Mateusz Piekarski, two Polish friends sharing their fates on emigration in London. They are usually helped by various stage elements, but above all by their specific movement, which always includes camp, grotesque and humorous elements. Their work can be included in the framework of dance theatre, cabaret and performing arts. Joint interventions and movement activities of the collective, as two queer bodies, are based on their personal reflections on life in different country, traditions, class, religion and on the reconstruction of their Polish childhood.

So far, all their works have been presented in London (WYWIADówka, Amor Caecus, SKIN, My family has always liked picking Mushrooms). They had the pleasure of performing, among others, in: Lilian Bylis Studio Theatre, Anya Linden Studio Theatre, Harmony in Deptford.

Kasia Kuzka- a Polish-born, London based dancer, performer and choreographer. She explores Polish folk and camp culture in relation to post-human experiences. She is especially interested in recontextualising Polish traditions in Western European cultures. Since 2019, she’s been creating work in Austria, the UK, and most recently in Poland. (FEETFOOT, Pas de pied, Will you teach me how to dance?, My family has always liked picking up Mushrooms, Amor Caecus, CHERRY, WYWIADówka, 120 battements par minute).

Mateusz Piekarski-a Polish-born dancer, performer and choreographer based in London. He graduated the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in 2022. His artistic practice focuses on unpacking traditional Polish masculinity and the norms imposed on it, which in its own way is self-therapy for the artist. He considers Polish camps, folklore traditions and private childhood memories from Poland to be his inspirations. He currently works at Compagnie Olivier Dubois where he dances in the revived Tragédie, with which he travels around Europe.