LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group

Naomi Morris


Naomi Morris is an independent professional artist working in and around Oxford. ​Her interests varies extensively through multi-media interactivity, site, the BODY, autism and learning through experience, interdisciplinary and improvisation within  live art and performance to drawing, mark-making, video, light, movement and technology. She abstracts the body and its mental state, exploring authenticity, badgers and brain neuro-diversity.

She has experience working with adults and children as well as people with learning disabilities. ​ Creativity and self expression are important to her as she supports people to express themselves through her experimentation in films and movements as a multi media artist. 

Morris has worked with University of Kent, South East Dance, Aesop, Pegasus Theatre, Anjali, Oxford Youth Dance, Ciao!, OYAP, Shadowlight Artists and OVADA. 


Untitled (2023)