LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group


Peta Lloyd is an artist working with performance. In 2020 she completed a PhD at Oxford Brookes University which examined how text can become the main element of a performative practice. She is interested in how the presentation of text influences its reading, and plays with words and discrepancies between words and actions. She has performed works on the street, at conferences and in a range of museums and galleries.

During lockdown she started experimenting with performance to camera and exhibited in RAW, Recorded Action Web Exhibition hosted by Bbeyond in Belfast (2021) and in ‘Wordplay’, part of Fringe Arts Bath (2022).

In 2022 she and artist Clare Carswell set up the BIDDY project showcasing the work of older women artists. They curated the BIDDY performance art programme for FaB in 2022 and now lead the BIDDY BOOST group for older women artists in Oxfordshire.