LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa


Veronica Cordova de la Rosa create paintings, risograph prints, performance artworks, and its documentation. She works on her own and in collaboration with other humans of all ages, abilities, and persuasions. In her artistic process, she identifies, name, and transform symbolic violence, white patriarchal, and racist policies into artworks that resist their effects on herself and others.

She believes in the power of drawing, painting, dancing, collective performance, emancipatory pedagogy, and art communities to help the process of BIPOC + white poor and working class artists to be free from cohesive, classist and racist environments. Her artwork can be a fun process and a serious research at the same time. Her artwork is reproducible, striking, and contemporary.

Veronica has performed in museums, in between countries borders, in School of Arts, theatres, in rivers, in manor houses, in empty smelly rooms, in embassies and has been invited to be part of performance art festivals in China, Mexico, Finland, and Cyprus.