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Victoria Karlsson


Victoria Karlsson is a sound artist interested in the emotional, subjective and cultural aspects of sound and art. Investigating sound as both an inner and outer experience, she explores how we think about, remember, dream about sounds, and how this influences our experiences of sounds in our everyday life. She is particularly interested in cultural aspects of sound and listening, especially overlaps of sound with affect and queer theory.

She has recently completed a PhD Research Degree at University of the Arts, London. Her research investigates sounds in thoughts, asking if we hear sounds in our minds, what they mean to us and where they come from.

She works across a range of practices, including performance, composition, and installation. Working as a sound designer for live art events gave her the opportunity to explore her fascination with sound's ability to open up other worlds, blurring the edges between the real and the imagined. Her multi-layered sound environments were essential components in the creation of alternative realities, inhabited by the performers and immersing the audience.

In her site-specific installation work she is interested in the idea of 'psycho-geography', or the way a place or space has been shaped by its history, within the context of human experience and histories; particularly how sound can be used to explore the subjective nature of experience and how it fundamentally connects to the inner realm of our memories, experiences, and emotions.

Victoria’s practice-based research at CRiSAP, UAL is focused on inner sounds, which she defines as "sounds we hear in our minds, similar to, but different from, and inner voice." In her creative work, she explores experiences of inner sounds through performance, visual and text scores, and installation/sculpture. The works aims both to introduce the idea of inner sounds to the audience, as well as explore our cultural attitudes and beliefs about inner sounds and sounds in general.


Aural Séance (2023)

One Hundred Evenings of Loneliness (2022)