LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group


Artist Statement

Babirusa is a durational performance reflecting upon the themes of identity and belongingness.

The babirusa acts as a representation of the artist's dual heritage; being indigenous to Sulawesi, yet also being a 'babi' (pig), an Indonesian/Malay slur for Chinese-descent individuals. Babirusa represents the diasporic experience particularly due to violence and eviction, and also the hardships putting down roots in a foreign land. The performance brings into question the notion of displacement and in-betweenness; of heritage, of community, and of the home.

Babirusa was commissioned by the Museum of the Home for the Green Lunar New Year Festival, 28 January 2023. As a site-adaptive performance, Babirusa floats around the gallery space, interacting with the viewers and also performing various actions mostly associated with domesticity. The performance duration varies between 5 - 10 minute, and can be as flexible as possible.