LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group




Artist Statement

Performative Installation. Trinacria investigates the intertwining of cultural threads and geographical narratives inherent in our sense of identity. Trinacria (which means ‘three pointed’) is the most ancient name of Sicily, the triangular island at the bottom of the Italian Peninsula, from where I am from. Sicily - isolated and yet so close to the continent - is a land of water and fire, Arabs and Norsemen, Greek Mythology and Arthurian Romance. To be Sicilian means to have blue eyes and dark hair, a fair skin and a fiery temperament, feet which deepen into centuries of history, and the urgency to take to the sea, travel, change perspective, follow - one by one - all those cultural threads that tangled together in one syncretic DNA. I wander away from my natal home and I wonder, both nostalgically and playfully, what I left behind and what I brought with me, now that I beat familiar paths on a foreign land. The map of lines on my skin, my habits and gestures, my triangular personality: indelible prints on my body-as- archive. I am an islander, a world citizen, a Sicilian, a product of both centenary, multicultural stratification and current globalisation.