LAPER - Live Art and Performance Group

Squash & Stretch

5 May 2018

Headington Hill Hall, Oxford, UK


Squash and Stretch Live and Performance Art Festival.

The term squash and stretch comes from the field of animation. Observation shows that only stiff objects remain inert during motion, while non-stiff objects tend to change their shape. As clay or dough our bodies are made of soft materials that are constantly squashing and stretching during day and night. When we smile our face squash, when we defecate our intestine slowly stretch out. The artists presenting in this second festival had been selected on how their work relates this principle. We hope people of Oxford enjoy this potlatch of eclectic live and performance art.


Serena Braida and Iris Colomb (IT/UK)
Clare Carswell (UK)
Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (MX/UK)
Al/ice/ex Donaghy (UK)
Plastique Fantastique (UK)
Anette Friedrich Johannessen and Jan Egil Finne (NL/UK)
Marcin Gawin (PL/UK)
Sam Hall (UK)
Luke Jordan (UK)
Victoria Karlsson (UK)
Peta Llyod (UK)
Robert Luzar (UK)
Naomi Morris (UK)
Tero Nauha (FL)
Hannah Oram and Rosie Mullan (UK)
Jessie Palmer (UK)
Jezella Piggot (UK)
Hugh Pryor (UK)
Robert Ridley-Schackleton (UK)
Austin Sherlaw-Johnson (UK)
Tess Tallula (UK) 
Julia Teresa, Zara Haji Fath, Ali Tehrani and Beth Shearshby (UK)
Nunu Theatre (RO/UK)
Katy Watson (UK)
Robin Woodward (UK)